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Tired of paying high fixed fees for payment processing?
Imagine a payment service that costs up to 30% less.
Are you paying a developer to integrate your payment services?
Imagine skipping the middleman to get more value at a lower cost.
Can you process payments but not handle payouts?
Imagine a built-in wallet with an integrated digital card dispenser.
Does your business spend time and money fighting fraud?
Imagine a payment processor that fights fraud with every step.
You’ve just imagined
Charge Payments
At Charge, we
know you want
to collect and
send secure
payments with

The problem is that most services can’t offer both features while also ensuring adequate security at a reasonable cost. Large companies like Stripe and Paypal can process secure two-way transactions, but they also charge hefty fees that compromises your bottom line.

For businesses that depend on such services, the extra costs could mean the difference between no profit and long-term growth.

The solution

Charge Payments is an affordable payment software with superior security features and a digital wallet to process payouts and issue virtual cards.

Charge takes online security
to a whole new level
Tying together our multi-layered solution to
reduce online fraud, Charge Payments when
utilized with the Charge Wallet offers an
additional security layer by using
cryptographic signatures to reduce fraud.
For companies that are facing high rates of
fraud, securely integrated solution will
safeguard against stolen credit cards and
other cyber threats that prey
on system vulnerabilities.
We understand that at
the end of the day,
price matters
If your business already has a working payment system, you may be concerned that a time-consuming installation will cost more in developing fees than it’s worth.
That’s why we made Charge Payments both affordable to use and easy to install.
Charge uses a cost plus model that gives you a variable, but lower rate than the high fixed fees most merchants get with Stripe or Paypal. Our payment technology is already integrated with leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Talk with us today and see how much you could be saving on your payment processing.
Charge Payments isn’t just the safest payment processor on the market
It also lets you:
Process payments for less so you can keep more profit to grow your business
Quickly integrates with most major ecommerce carts like Shopify or Magento.
Quickly issue payouts directly to the Charge Wallet
Encourage sales by issuing company branded Virtual Cards directly to your customers.
Pay less to process
payments or issue payouts

Don’t pay more money than you have to for
payment processing.

Keep the money that should be yours.
Pay yourself, with Charge
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