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Charge solution
Smart wallet solution
Save more and spend safer with our intelligent digital wallet and generous cash-back rewards
Charge solution
Safe payment processing
Streamline sales transactions with our secure, seamless payment processing system.
Charge solution
Simple identity verification
Prevent fraud and protect customer integrity with our instant identity verification system.
We created a complete solution for all your transactions
The rapid evolution of technology has created endless opportunities for businesses and consumers, but it's also given rise to a number of unprecedented challenges.
One of the most important
challenges is ensuring secure
online payments.
Whether we transfer funds, buy online
services, or sell products via physical retail;
the process inevitably requires a safe and
efficient digital payment system.
While digital transactions are
easy to make, they are also easy
to steal.
That's where Charge comes in
Small businesses, giant online markets and their everyday patrons have one major concern in common: they need cost-efficient, reliable, and fraud-proof system to send and collect money.
To address the problem from all ends, we developed a unique
multi-layered software approach to reduce fraud.
Charge uses a cost plus model that gives you a variable, but lower rate than the high fixed fees most merchants get with Stripe or Paypal. Our payment technology is already integrated with leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Talk with us today and see how much you could be saving on your payment processing.
Charge products
All Charge products are built for smooth integration with a range of leading systems.
Charge wallet
Charge payment
Charge identity
Charge Wallet
What is it?
Charge Wallet is an easy-to-use payment app for the modern online customer who wants a safe and convenient payment method without the hassle of a physical debit card, while collecting generous cash-back rewards with each purchase. The app’s virtual card technology can be loaded with funds from a bank account. Users can configure the app to create a new virtual card for every transaction, thus preventing their payment information from being stolen and reused.
Who is it for?
Charge Wallet is for anyone that wants to pay safer online. Businesses can utilize its virtual card features to allow employees to have single use cards issued in their name to pay for business expenses. Merchants can use the virtual cards as a new kind of reward program to drive repurchases from their shop.
Charge Payments
What is it?
Charge Payments is a secure payment processor that ties together our multi-layered approach to reduce fraud; featuring the two-fold ability to process incoming payments and issue virtual cards to send money online.
Who is it for?
Charge Payments is the perfect processing solution for e-commerce stores, online service providers and small business owners looking for a competitively priced service to collect payments with guaranteed integrity.
Charge Identity
What is it?
Charge Identity is a state-of-the-art widget or API that allows companies to quickly and reliably verify the identity of a customer or business.
Who is it for?
Charge Identity is an ideal identity verification solution for merchants, marketplaces and financial institutions that require a seamless system to ensure safe financial transactions on the behalf of all parties.
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