Simple, Safe, Smart
Сharge Wallet
Instant Mobile Payouts at Scale
Powerful Payouts
Simple setup
No technology integration is
required, just create an account,
add funds, and click send
Instant access
Your users can have instant
access to funds sent directly to
their smartphones
Cost savings
Paper checks on average cost
between $4 and $20. Our system
saves you time and money
Do you need a safer way to make payouts or disbursements?
Do you need a system that doesn’t require complex technology integration?
Do you need to track your payments to make sure they are received?
Do you want a better way to track how your payouts are spent?
Do you need a simple, convenient payment app for your users to use?
Do you need to give your employees credit cards for company spending?
All you need is the
Charge Wallet
Pay by Email, Spend with an App
Charge Wallet is an easy-to-use payouts platform and app for businesses, like insurance companies or marketplaces, that need to issue payouts or claims safely and conveniently without the hassle of mailing checks or long technical integrations.
Charge Wallet’s cutting-edge platform allows you to quickly issue payouts to users in the form of virtual debit cards. These virtual debit cards are sent directly to the recipient’s phone and can be used on any e-commerce site or added to Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store payments.
Security, Peace of Mind
Charge Wallet doesn't just make life easier, it gives you peace of mind. Charge Wallet’s multi-layered security features are second to none. The direct integration between the issuing platform and the user’s wallet prevents card-number theft and ensures that customers have them in a convenient form factor.
Charge Wallet is the simplest
way to issue a payout
Use it to pay others, issue cards to online customers, or give employees individualized virtual cards for business expenses, the possibilities of Charge Wallet are as many as its benefits.
wallet screen wallet screen wallet screen wallet screen
Intricately designed yet simple to use, Charge Wallet is an integrated feature of the Charge Payments processing solution. For online stores and businesses that already use our processing services, Charge Wallet provides several convenient and competitive benefits.
Charge Wallet also gives you a leg up against the competition. With the ability to issue virtual cards for online customers, you can simultaneously offer a new and built-in reward program that encourages customers to make repeat purchases: no setup fees, monthly fees, or transaction fees. Just fund your account and issue cards.
No one likes catches, so
we only include perks
Instant card access
Сustomers can use it right away, instead of waiting for the mailman or slow bank transfers
Boosts business
By letting you issue virtual cards with a built-in rewards program for customers
Streamline operations
By instantly providing employees with a virtual card for business expenses
Here’s How It Works:
1. Setup and fund your business account
to issue virtual cards
2. Upload a spreadsheet
with customer emails and card amounts
3. Customers redeem their virtual card
via an email and the Charge Wallet
4. Track and analyze
your redemption rates and other program metrics
Simple to Setup,
Simple to Use
You could spend time and money selecting and integrating with more
complex solutions or you could quickly solve your payouts problems
without coding, complex integrations or high fees
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The app where businesses pay you
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