Know Your Customer with
Charge Identity
A Seamless Identity Verification System
Avoid Fraud and Fines
Spot fake identities and bad actors
avoid costly fines from regulators
Eliminate Risks and Liability
With integrated, external identity
verification and information storage
Protect Your Bottom Line
With an affordable, seamless KYC
that ensures full legal compliance
Do you know who you
are dealing with?
Are you concerned with
the identity of sellers
on your online marketplace?
Do you need to
validate a business
on your online marketplace?
Does your business
know its customers
in accordance with BSA laws?
Do you want to
avoid the liability
of storing and handling sensitive personal data?
We also understand how tricky it can be to verify the identity of sellers, customers and business partners while ensuring full compliance with both privacy and banking secrecy act (BSA) regulations.
No company wants to run the risk of breaking federal laws, by accidentally doing business with someone the government has deemed illegal or is using a fake synthetic identity.
If you run an online marketplace with thousands of sellers from all over the world, protecting customers from fraudulent sellers is imperative to your company’s success.
At the same time, you don’t want to invest in a time-consuming, complicated and expensive program that cuts into your business bottom line.
For financial institutions that handle large and frequent money transactions - such as creditors, broker dealers and FinTechs - a smooth KYC processor that safely verifies the identity of financial recipients is a necessary component of legally compliant, successful operations.
After years in finance,
software and e-commerce,
we’ve been in your shoes.
Searching for an efficient, trustworthy and cost effective KYC product can be overwhelming; particularly if you’re confused with the process and worry about loopholes that could keep you liable.
We get the stakes you’re
dealing with, and it’s stressful.
What you really need is a bulletproof external system that lets you process sensitive information without ever touching your servers.
The good news is, Charge
Identity was born to do that.
Charge Identity widget seamlessly embeds on your site via Javascript, where it directly collects identity information from your customers, verifies the identity of a customer or business, and then stores customer info on our external servers. Saving you the time and complexity of building the form yourself and the headaches of keeping the data secure for future audits.
We take the risk off your
hands, while you get a peace
of mind.
The best part...? It’s affordable.
All you have to do is
install the widget and
review submissions
In the meantime, Charge Identity will:
Collect personal data
from your site
with an easily integrated external widget
Store customer data to
limit your risk
while ensuring you are legally compliant
Verify any business or
individual identity
without ever touching your servers
Save your bottom line
with affordable fees,
no upfront costs and no hidden costs
Ready for the next step?
Securing your business begins with three steps:
1. Sign up for Charge Identity or request a personal demo to learn more
2. Add the widget to your site
or integrate it with our API
3. Review customers’ KYC
applications and onboard with confidence!
In a high-paced market,
every move counts
Charge Identity will take identity verification
of your business partners off your hands, so
that you can spend more time focused on
serving your customer and less time on
With a single system to process and store all
incoming data, you’re all set and protected in
case of future audits or regulator requests.
We know that KYC is just
the beginning, and we want
to help you start faster
Let us take charge of your
KYC process so you can
spend time on growing
your business
Instead of worrying about liability
and laws
Save more of your profit
with our honest, risk-free
and competitive pricing
Instead of paying excessive monthly
Safeguard your company
from fraud with a
bulletproof system that
keeps cyber criminals out
Instead of risking huge fines and
your reputation
Get started today!
With our easy and affordable set-up and zero cancellation
fees, you have nothing to lose but a load off your mind!
If you’re still not certain whether Identity is right for your
business model, don’t hesitate to reach out. Schedule a
free consultation
, and we’ll help you decide.
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